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1 An object made to brush notted hair

2 A waterproof microphone used to sing in the shower
My hair brush doesn't need batteries.
by spaventoso May 10, 2005
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An instrument used for pleasuring the vaginal area.
The end of the hairbrush used is up to the user.
Jennipho went to town with that hairbrush last night,
and then she brushed her hair with it!
by Sticky Hairbrush April 02, 2010
An object to make hair knot free for school, work, parties ect.
I will go and use my HAIR BRUSH so I am ready for the disco/party.
by Crazy4448 June 18, 2011
A tool to give yourself pleasure. Usually used by girls.
Mary pleasured her cooch with her grippy hairbrush,
by caligirl1012345 March 18, 2011
An euphemism for a handjob.
My girlfriend gave me a hairbrush
by @ April 17, 2008

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