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Is the kind of guy that falls in love with an amazing kind of girl, if he loves you then you should be happy to have such a guy, He is happy loving and will protect you with his life he is honest loyal an only lies to try an keep the people he cares for mostly happy he will run a mile an back without a second thought for the girl he loves he's a push over for his girl, he finds perfection in personalty an looks combined, he is often mislead by girls and will end up in there friend zone
Guy: "Hey theres Haimish what a legend"
Girl: "Haha looks like he's running around for that girl he loves"
Guy: "what a pushover, he does everything she tells him to"
Girl "Aww wish I had a guy like Haimish, he's amazing and guy's like him are impossible to find"
Guy "He ain't that great"
Girl "Don't be jealous"
by Just a dreamer October 30, 2011
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