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Being mildly retarded, dyslexic and ha-goose involving oneself in the most retarded of situation-aments.

Professional Researchers have also used the definition in other terms specifically biological one. Word is, Haggasfeld is a result of a lowwww experiment gone horribly wrong in the basements of the science complex of an unknown university in Canadia.
"Yo Haggasfeld ship me an eel"
"Yo Hagggggaaaaassssss"
"Yo haggassfeld schwwooops me one card"
"Yo hagoose"
"Eh, goosevondoose, ship and eel-macbeelensons"
"Shipppp it"
"Yo haggasfeld what does this say? dlefsggah"
by Sally M Perc December 25, 2009
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