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1. Hadley (noun), known as a name commonly given to a male.
2. hadley (verb), to steal or commit petty theft from a good friend or person that instills trust.
1. Yo that bitch hadley'd off with my shit.
2. That kid was going to hadley you good. Good thing i saw him and he didn't get away.
by The REAL Green Lantern April 06, 2007
Hot bitch with a fine ass; commonly known to party hardcore & rock people's worlds.
Yo! Did you see Hadley come in? Daaamn!
by rill bitch February 22, 2008
Loud & crazy, but is also kind! Always smiling. Smart, funny, athletic, amazing and beautiful.
Why can't i be as gorgeous as Hadley?
by froghopper19 May 15, 2010
Hadley is one of the nicest most caring friends you will ever have. She is a great actress, but is never fake around her friends. Very loyal and fun to hang out with. A Hadley also has amazing hair that everyone is jealous of.
by umathecreator48 March 24, 2013
A Hadley is another word for obsessive or another meaning is for someone who thinks they are really tough
Guy1: dude I got
Bashed in a fight last night
Guy2: yea must have been a Hadley
by Toughpride September 24, 2012
To kill your parents with a hammer and follow it up with a party.
Person 1: Damn! Tyler pulled off quite a Hadley Saturday night!
Person 2: Yea I feel sorry for his parents.
Person 1: But it was a kickass party wasn't it?
Person 2: Yea I guess....
by ZBroski69 July 19, 2011
a perfectionist who is obsessed with tall and obivious peoples
why are you such a hadley???? be a rebel on the edge
by Wonginator June 12, 2007
Annoying fat girl who no one likes. She will most often than not be the one to crave attention and try to work her way up the popularity ladder to feel better about herself, although she comes off as nice, she is really a lying horrible person on the inside.
Woah, that Hadley is a real cow, huh?
Yeah, she really tries for that attention.
by Martino Slovakia December 30, 2011