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Towing and auto body shop in the City of Industry CA. Started in 1928 as a gas station and tow company in the city of La Puente then purchased in 1962 by Howard Welch, one of the founders of the California Tow Truck Association CTTA, who grew the company to one of the largest tow facilities in southern California. Main headquarters is located in City of Industry CA and an office in La Mirada CA. Haddicks ran NASCAR teams in the late 70's to the early 90's with such drivers has Rusty Wallace, Kyle Petty, Sam Beler, Sonny Easley, Joe Ruttman, Bill Osborne, Larry Phillips, Ray Elder.
"If you need a reliable and professional tow company call Haddicks."
"I got into an accident and Haddicks body shop did a great job repairing my car."
by Rickey Gary February 05, 2010
Its broken or is in a bad condition.
1. your cars had dick

2. my backs had dick

3. you sure gave your car dick
by Daniel "The_Monkey_Pope" Tucker February 15, 2005
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