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Hadden is another term for excellent, undefeated! The feeling of being fantastic!!
I've had a 'Hadden' of a day!!
by TorTor May 20, 2008
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Wow he's a keeper. Super funny, and a smile that puts the city lights to shame! He cares about you a whole awful lot and really wants to make you happy! If you have a Hadden in your life you are very lucky and I'm sure if your in his life he wants you to be there.
"He's a true Hadden"

"What's his name?" "Hadden." "Knew it!"
by Baby ButtonBottom December 14, 2013
A Hadden is an interpretative dance move that can jolt ones bowels to bursting point. A Hadden can also refer to a great night/day.
"Aww man that guy just pulled a Hadden! Theres shit everywhere."

"Dude my night was Hadden as fuck"
by Rustyhalo11 February 07, 2010

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