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1. The adverse chemical reaction that turns a human invisible after being an intentional or unintentional participant in anal sex. Typically only seen in homosexual males, it has however been known to appear among the heterosexual male population in rare cases.

2. A rigorous belief system in which followers believe the prostate only exists for the sole purpose of blowing chunky loads from man on man love.
Example of the first known case of haddawayitis, claiming several victims:
Dutch: Yesterday, what did you see?
Dillon: You're wasting your time.
Dutch: No more games!
Anna: I don't know what it was. It...
Dutch: Go on.
Anna: It changed colours, like the chameleon, it uses the jungle. We call it "la haddaway diablo".
Dillon: You saying that Blain and Hawkins were assfucked by a fucking lizard? That's a bullshit psyche job. There is two to three men out there at the most. Fucking lizard.

2. "See the prostate exists for the sole purpose of anal sex, it's quite clear nature intended for us to get fucked in the ass on a regular basis" "uh excuse me I think you don't understand the actual physiological uses for the pro -" "YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP, SHUT UP!"
by pleasken September 01, 2012
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