Habbo hotel. A giant orange building where there are many rooms with many many 'themes'. You are a 'habbo'. a badly animated pixel bloke/lass who has a p (password) has hackers call it because the word password is banned as are many other words such as pizza and rude words all replaced with bobba. You can control by clicking on where you want to go in a room (where you feel cramped cuz it's overcrowded and lonely cuz you have no furni or people cuz you have no credits cuz your a loser ((or normal person who doesn't waste money on habbo)). Habbo has very VERY strict rules because everyone tries to corrupt the system so the hobbas try to kick everyone. Hobbas are whiny teenage losers who finally get a bit of power when they lie that they are 18 on the internet and become a hobba. They ban you for almost anything and are rather gay. Habbo sucks you in by offering fake virtual furni for real genuine money. If you are hacked or kicked you don't even get a refund. If on habbo hotel for at least a day you will most certainly meet wannabee: hackers, hookers and paedophiles and people who want to cyber (All rulebreakers). Who never seem to get kicked yet YOU do! Habbo SUCKS.
Kids! Don't let HABBO HOTEL suck you in with it's mind washing powers!
Habbo1: Gimme your p and I give you furni!
Habbo2: Here! ****
Habbo1: I have you now! >:D
Habbo2: Nooo! :'(
by Hawke July 26, 2005
One of the many signs of the apocolypse; Satan's sick and twisted idea of "fun" for people to chat on the internet. Rips you off of your money, doesn't refund if you're hacked and is full of British retards who call each other "fit" and say "lolz". A cult.
Cuntwad - Dude, wanna go on HABBOZZZZ?!?!?
Mike - HELL NAWWWW. Habbo sucks to the max!
by Steph March 24, 2005
A place on the internet where people of all ages, races, religions, colors, habits, musical preferences, nationalities, politcal views, genders, and sexual orientations can come together to insult each other's ages, races, religions, colors, habits, musical preferences, nationalities, politcal views, genders, and sexual orientations
Peadafile: Hey kid wants some furni?!
stupid little kid: Yeh sure!
~peadafile gives furni to stupid kid~
Peadafile: Hey kid whats your last name?
stupid little kid: My mom says i shldnt giv it out! :(
peadafile: It'll help me get credit!
stupid little kid: oki my names jones, callan jones!
peadafile: Where do u live?
stupid little kid: I shldnt say but i liv in rooty hill!
~peadafile packs up bag and heads for rooty hill primary school~

For more informations see peadafile and kiddy fiddler
by Freak-A-Zoid April 25, 2005
A virtual internet community that has become a common raid target for 4chan's /b/ (random) image board. Oftentimes /b/-tards create /b/lockades by placing their characters in a doorway or other bottleneck, blocking off access to other areas and generally pissing everyone off. Although Habbos absolutely hate this practice, most /b/-tards regard it as simply funny as hell.
"/b/lockade time!'"

~Anonymous, calling his fellow anonymii to Habbo Hotel
by Rainbringer June 04, 2006
A online chatroom which is probably the cause of low grades at schools and unemployment by people playing this instead of worrying about the facts of real life. if you dare to play this, please treat it as a chatroom and not a game. Tends to be full of people who make fansites where they have forums where people come along to chat about the chatroom. You buy credits to pay for furniture (pictures) unlike real life where you pay for something and get something and when you are fed up you can sell it, on habbo you pay for it and get it (in picture form) and in the end of the day its on there server so it remains theres forever and if you do get fed up with habbo you cannot get any money back from it. Another thing you can buy on here is habbo club which is a bad invention because if you arent one you get called a noob and get discrimated which forses you to buy it. Remember go on there to chat, dont live it.
habbo hotel geek: i have 100 rooms loaded with rares he he
guy: i have a real life and im happy
by skel04 October 08, 2005
Parents beware - supposedly for people age 13-18 yrs ... i wouldnt let my pre-teen on unless you want them to be sexually approached and learn about sexual 3 somes or more.... the kids at habbo need to get out more and learn proper social skills in the real world and if they need to find a date on the internet well they really do need a life. I think the example below speaks for itself and is a real example utilizing a users name and quotes what that user said in one of the hotel rooms.
cheesepoffs2: anyone girl here want to f*U*C*K me
by concerned parent April 12, 2005
A gay game in which you interact and chat with losers horny 10 year olds.
I was stupid enough to spend 50 dollars on this game, and then got scammed.
by Aaron March 27, 2005

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