Something that only complete idiots buy!
Some_Random_Guy: i have habbo credits
Fizzard_the_Fly: You suck a--!
by Fizzard the Fly January 08, 2005
Top Definition
A form of money used on Habbo Hotel
"Those credits are too expensive for me"
"I am going to buy a plasto chair out of the catalog with my credits"
by Heather January 27, 2005
Money On All The Hotels, Costing Real Money
Some_Random_Habbo:Hey! Look! Hes Got Loads Of Furni! How Do You Get Furni?
The_Other_Random_Guy: Buy Credits Of Course!
by .=.=3x=.=. June 10, 2005
Currency used on the famous Habbo Hotel. You can buy them on house phone (for the sneaky kids who put it all on their parents' phonebills) by text message (this is the method the Habbo Hotel staff use to recieve the money, send back a code in which the child can type into a hard-to-find box on the Hotel, press a button, and gain some credits. By this time the child has either forgotton the code and deleted the text, or forgotton what to do altogether) or Splash Plastic (for the peadophiles who remain the only ones who bother using this).
Unsuspecting child: I need credits, but I dont have any credit on my phone!
Staff: Why not use the house phone, and ring up three times so you get more credits, you won't have to pay a thing!
Ususpecting child: Ok!
by Opal. April 15, 2005
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