Serves you right, tough luck, bite me.
For all I know no one actually know what it means, but this is what the creators of South Park think it means. So.. yea.
Ha Ha, Charade you are! looks like you're the turd now!
by Green. Matt Green October 24, 2007
Top Definition
a line in the song "Pigs", from the Pink Floyd album {Animals]. The band is making fun at British politicians, although the sentiments can be applied just about anywhere.
You bus stop ratbag. Ha Ha, Charade you are!
You fucked up old hag! Ha Ha, Charade you are!

... hand over heart ... I'd say you're a laugh ...
but you're really a cryyyyyy-iii-iiiiyyyyyyyyyyy
by California Sun November 12, 2007
British phrase coined by Pink Floyd in the song Pigs (Three Different Ones). The phrase implies that you are being use'd especially in the form of higher power (I.E the government). In book Animal Farm the pigs are the Government and the dogs are the police, this also supports the meaning of the phrase because as quoted from the song dogs:"Gotta admit, that I'm a little bit confused/Sometimes it seems to me, as if I'm just being used".
"Ha ha, charade you are" said the Premier to his military.
by >not my (/b/) real name< May 10, 2009
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