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What you say when you see someone/something that you think is hot, very sexy looking, spicy and titillating.

Is that a picture of your boyfriend? Ha-cha-cha!

by WWLL January 24, 2008
Mexican in origin, it's a emphatic phrase that sounds cool when you say it. Suitable for use in the courtroom.
Ha Cha Cha,I concur your honor.
by JStrud September 14, 2008
a word used to describe happiness or draw attention away from a bad joke or stupid comment
S: can fish drown
K: did you really say that
S: hachacha
by dreamswirl January 03, 2015
Retarded way of laughing, said while sighing.
Person 1: "Hachachacha"
Person 2: "What?"
Person 1: "Hachahcha"
Person 2: o.O
by OliOliOliOooo January 14, 2009
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