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hahy•tam (v., adv., n.) : A varying expression of interest, friendliness, delight or affection.

Literally means "Hope you think about me," as derived from a cheesy pick-up line originally used, during high school, in telephone conversations, ca. 2003.

Typical usages include a salutatory greeting, esp. a farewell.
Ex. 1
Watts: Damn Broseph, I saw Whit yesterday, and she was lookin' fine as hell.
Joseph: Oh yeah, did you talk to her.
Watts: Fo' sho, I was hytamming to the fullest.

Ex. 2
Susan: Well jeezus, it's been forever since I've seen you.
Vernon: I know, right?
Susan: Let's grab some coffee and catch up at my place later.
Vernon: Sounds good.
Susan: I'll text you (smiles).
Vernon: Awesome.
Susan: Bye, Vern.
Vernon: Hytam.
by AstuteLegalStudent October 08, 2010
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