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Abbreviation for "Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Stanford." These are the four top colleges in the US. Other schools like Penn or MIT are up there, but don't quite match the prestige.
Friend 1: "My best friend from Penn got a Rolex from his dad over dinner at graduation right in front of me. I graduated from Penn too a year ago, so I came back to my parents and asked 'Where's my Rolex?'"
Friend 2: "Haha, I bet they were like 'hmph.' But if my kids graduate from a top university, I'd probably buy them that watch. Would you?"
Friend 2: "Only if it's one above Penn, heh... Okay, maybe Penn or better."
Friend 1: "Well, that's ridiculous. You're basically saying they have to graduate from HYPS to get a Rolex... Otherwise, they'll have to buy their own watch."
Friend 1: "Fuck 'em. They can buy a Timex."
by Moggraider July 24, 2008
82 65
Harvard, Yale, and Princeton; the "Big Three."
Our valedictorian is applying to HYP.
by lime_disconnect October 29, 2006
98 29
hot young professional.
Check out all the HYP's at this bar tonight.
by JohnnyJohnnyJoshMackSteve September 26, 2011
5 7
Zeus, God.
hYp > you
hYp > you
by duckiiiiiiiiiiiiiE December 09, 2008
3 12
Premier term, short for "hypocrate".
"That guy's just another hyp. -_-"
by Dave January 16, 2004
5 21
somebody staring at you, hyponotized
damn that women was hyp
by Evan February 15, 2005
9 27