Meaning "hyper", first originated by Mac Dre. mac dre
everyone was being hyphy last night! mac dre's the man!
by Pooline Goosepoop September 24, 2007
going dumb-getting stupid-acting like a retard-ghost ride the whip
"Hey dawg wanna go get hyphy at da club?"
by hyphyn00b May 22, 2007
A cultural experiment being carried out by Bay Area(Yay Area) African Americans to see just how far other people (meaning Whitey) will go to try and be cool.
researcher1: lawl lawl lawl. hey mang u see dem white folks at da club dressing and acting like morons thinkin' dat theyz actually look kewl being hyphy!?

researcher2: haha! yea mang! scientific pruff dem whiteyz will do ANYTHING to be kewl!

whiteboi: Yee! wuz slumpin' yadadamean!?

researcher1: *chuckle* okay shhhhh...
by realhiphopz April 10, 2007
a word that was made up by Keek the Sneak because he couln't think of anything that rhymes with intro - hyphy ( hyphie ) The word Hyphy was since ripped off by rapper E-40, who made a WHOLE song out of the non-sense word.
Everytime someone says hyphy they sound like an idiot...

man 1 - hey lets go get hyphy

man 2 - wtf is hyphy...??

man 1 - ummm...I don't know...but it sounds SO COOL!

man 2 - your a fag.
by betty crocker July 18, 2006
1. Hyphy verb - High on cocaine and ecstacy at the same time.

2. Hyphy verb - Also can mean the yay area version of "CRUNK"
"Homeboy went HYPHY at the sideshow"
by Keak Jirby April 08, 2006
getting crazy krunk.get stupid go dumb, get HYPHY
everyone should listen to the song, stupid dumb and hyphy. it explains it all
that party was hyphy.
wanna go get hyphy?
Lets go get hyphy in our white tees in the bay
by ms. new booty March 24, 2006
A term everyone out side of the Bay Area uses for "getting high like crazy" basically and says "YEAHH everyone in the bayarea is gettin Hyphy" But no one in the bay area actually uses the term Hyphy unless they are refering to a pipe or the energy drink...So everyone from the bay area just fucking stop using the term saying that all of us in the Bay Area are getting hyphy cuz most likely you dont know wut the fuck your talking about. And all you motherfuckers in Sacramento GIVE UP!!! Sacramento is <B><U>NOT</B></U> part of the Bay Area and it never will be
someone from the Bay Area: "Hey dude I got some weed did you bring your Hyphy?" or "Dude can you go to 7-11 and get me some Hyphy?"
Bay Area <B><U>WANNABE:</B></U> "Everyone in da Bay be gettin Hyphy blood"
by killXpill March 29, 2007

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