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Woman diagnosed with this syndrome will post on Facebook, Twitter, or any social site possible to state the trouble in finding "Real Men," usually putting them all in the "Friend Zone" and dating all "Jerks."
(Girl broke up a week ago)
Posts Images, Captions, and Statuses bashing her ex and other males.

FB Status Example: "Where are the good men at? Seriously!"

Girl 1: "I dont think there's any out there! Ummm"

Girl 2: "Well there isnt very many around here!"

Guy: "Problem is women look for different dogs with the same fleas. There are plenty of us out there. Did you check the friend zone?"

Girl 1: "Nah, thats not right. I can't think any of those guys as more than friends. Cherish their friendship too much."

Guy: "You sound like you have HWS (Hypocrite Woman Syndrome)"
by Good Guy Miles May 28, 2012

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