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An abbreviation of the word "Hater". When said, it sounds like H-T-R. The word is often used in places where one is trying to be non-abrasive. EX: church, social setting (group)
Dude, you're a HTR.
There goes a HTR!
Your sister's a HTR, man.
You can't play Basketball cus you're a HTR.
#hater #htr #lover #fighter #mean #person #jealous #hate #love #confidence #not #esteem
by Chilly D & Eriecola August 10, 2008
hit the roads
Man, I'm so bored, lets htr.
#weed #cruising #smoking #driving #car
by bhagraboy June 03, 2010
Highlight To Read. Usually used for spoilers that uses black text on black background so the text needs to be selected to be read. This is done so people who want to read the thread can go through it without reading any spoilers.
I just watched Star Wars Episode III - HTR spoilers!
by LuckyTime September 19, 2005
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