Help the Aged - (someone who is willing to help and older member of the opposite sex in terms of sexual intercourse)
Lee - "ting, you see the legs on that hta!?, mmm, bang it?"
Ting Ting - mmm, yeh nice.
by Airy Barry June 06, 2003
Top Definition
High Traffic Area. On COD when you're throwing your care package out immediately it becomes a High Traffic Area (HTA)
Wade camps in a building unwillingly throws his care package behind a tree. An abundance of enemies swarm on the care package becoming a HTA stealing it from the monkeydoo.
by Shed-Nine January 14, 2011
Home Team Advantage. A type of sports card box that has a higher probablity of pulling a good insert card. I'm pretty sure it's just the Topps company that uses it.
I just picked up an HTA Box of Topps 2005 Baseball Cards.
by Cool Breez February 01, 2005
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