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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Typically yelled drunk whilst staggering across campus, town, or any other public venue in which it would normally be inappropriate but isn't because it is St. Patrick's Day. Used as an abbreviation as the entire day, not just in wishing someone to celebrate it well.
Someone vomited green beer on my sweater, but I guess that is expected when it is HSPD!
by st. patricia March 16, 2011
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High School ####### Dealer

The person who sells ######## to their year for a price

At my school for year 7 its 2 pages (back and front) for only $2 (good price)
John: Look what i got from the HSPD
Ben: Sweet dud how much
John: $5
Ben dude, you got ripped
by ghf November 13, 2006

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