(1) Opposite of cold.
(2) Sexually attrative.
(3) See "cool" or "awesome"
That was hot.
by jondapicam November 05, 2003
1. Very warm.
2. Very attractive.
3. A spot frequented by the police
1. It's hot in the desert.
2. Paul Walker is hot!
3. That guy's house is hot.
by Kenzie November 26, 2003
someone that you can't resist kissing or having sexwith. someone that makes you stare and drool and wish you guys are on the bed doing it.
that dude was soo hot that i want to fuck him up:)
man...that girl is so hot, im gonna hump her rightnnow!
im going to stick my dick in that hot girl's pussy.
that hot guy is going to let me suck his cock now!
by Cassidt Thirtin December 19, 2006
someone who is too pretty and smart for her own good
Ashley is smoking hot
by mark March 09, 2005
being very attractive and/or sexy,goodlooking,hansome,beautiful,

extream heat
yo that gurl is sooo hot i wanna get with her 2night
by T-Unit May 05, 2005
Opposite of cold, spicy food.
It is hot outside, stay in. This chicken is hot.
by Saints November 09, 2003
to describe something that is cool, good, interesting, originating in New York City, now used by wannabes who think Paris Hilton invented it.
That new Snoop Dogg CD is hot!
by OG from NYC December 23, 2004
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