The state of sexual arousal; horny
When she puts her tongue in my ear I really get hot
by SammyTaylor May 29, 2006
someone who is too pretty and smart for her own good
Ashley is smoking hot
by mark March 09, 2005
1. Very warm.
2. Very attractive.
3. A spot frequented by the police
1. It's hot in the desert.
2. Paul Walker is hot!
3. That guy's house is hot.
by Kenzie November 26, 2003
someone that you can't resist kissing or having sexwith. someone that makes you stare and drool and wish you guys are on the bed doing it.
that dude was soo hot that i want to fuck him up:)
man...that girl is so hot, im gonna hump her rightnnow!
im going to stick my dick in that hot girl's pussy.
that hot guy is going to let me suck his cock now!
by Cassidt Thirtin December 19, 2006
a korean boy group that debuted in 1996 with the popular record label SM Entertainment that have backed the artists: BoA, shinhwa, SES, Dong bang shin gi, and other successful artists. It was made up of 5 young korean boys.

-Leader: Moon Heejun
-Lead Singer: Kangta (Ahn Chilhyun)
-Rap/Vocals: Tony Ahn
-Rap/bg vocals: Jang Woohyuk (best dancer in the world ever!)
-Rap/Vocals: Lee Jaewon

They broke up in 2001 but everyone continues in the music business in korea today. Heejun and Kangta are both solo artists still with SM. Woohyuk, Jaewon, and Tony left SM, went to Yejeon Media, and started the group JTL together. All are also working currently on seperate projects, including Tony who just released his debut solo album. They had a really great unique sound. It was a mix of dance, rock, hiphop and classical music. It was beautiful in my opinion. On behalf of all of the H.O.T fans i can say that they are missed by us and one day we hope to see them reunited again one day.
by jessica February 21, 2005
to describe something that is cool, good, interesting, originating in New York City, now used by wannabes who think Paris Hilton invented it.
That new Snoop Dogg CD is hot!
by OG from NYC December 23, 2004
Bermudian slang for drunk. There are different levels of Hot however, one may be full-hot, half-hot, or not-hot.
"Ey! Ya boy got FULL-HOT last night."
"Gamme a drink pleyas!? Um only half-hot!"
by Cooper Stevenson July 01, 2006

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