something that you would scream while sitting in the backseat of someone's car if the air conditioning was not circulating to you.
"It's Hot!"
by 707muthaaa August 27, 2008
Something that has alot of heat
Opposite of cold
Dangit the freaking hotdog is hot
by MrNagson June 03, 2008
used to describe someone physical discription
Myra is so hot shes smoking
by chuck May 18, 2004
sexy, has a large ass
oh shit, look at your mom, shes hot!
by Jade Green March 25, 2004
a dollar. 2hots is 2 dollars and so on.
let me borrow a hot i wanna buy some chips.
like a oven
burn burn
by ryan rothera December 03, 2003
The whole Moneris Marketing Team
Damn that marketing girl is hot.
by A humble employee March 09, 2007

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