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Hot Piece of Ass
Jennifer who just quit as Spencer's assistant via email to the entire company sure was a HOPA.
by Ben_Ben August 10, 2010
26 69
Acronym for "Hot Piece of Ass"
Guy 1: Did you see that cute brunette with the glasses and skirt?

Guy 2: Yeah, she's totally a HOPA!
by Gene Wonka August 10, 2010
13 67
as in John Hopate an Australian Rugby League of Tongan decent who on several occasions in several games would push his fingers into his opponents anus's to slow them down in the play the ball. went onto become the poster boy for prostate checking in a New Zealand ad campaign.
stupid young man runs past and pokes some one in the ass and yells "hopa".
by Jim Tarquin Lionel October 09, 2006
18 76
This means half-Japanese. This term is often used lovingly as a cute yet brief self-description. Though it does not disclose the other half of their ethnicity, it's more endearing than mutt. It's important to realize that its a Japanese-American term with the emphasis on being American. The internment camps didn't care how little Japanese or young someone was, they were all considered "threats to our national security." Over 110,000 Japanese were locked up on the west coast during WWII, and many of them left to valiantly fight the war for the country that spited their family. Let no one ever tarnish or forget what they went through while still American citizens. They've paid a deeper price to be accepted as Americans than nearly any other group besides African-Americans. Please do not use this term unkindly as it's not what it means and makes you sound like an idiot.
Q: So what's your ethnic background?
A: I'm a hopa! (said with a smile and playfulness)
by Anonymous Hopa's Lover June 30, 2005
80 139
probably some bigot white boy couldn't deal with a kid on his street being half japanese and half white. now a generic term for someone who's half asian and half white.
a person of asian heritage gets it on with a person of english heritage. their child is a hopa. surprising example: zack morris from saved by the bell. more noticeable example: lead singer of hoobastank and keanu reeves.
by anon July 01, 2004
14 92