hold on a sec
fewd, hoas = food, hold on a sec...
by mwa September 15, 2003
Top Definition
The association of home owners. They absolutely insist on having people in your neighborhood join and fine you.
Person 1: I work for the HOA.
Person 2: You bastard!
Person 1: Ah ah ah, there's another fine!
Person 2: God dammit.
by Wootness of the lambs April 24, 2005
A common viet name for a female, sometimes for males as well. Hoa means flower in vietnamese, combine with the word 'binh' it can mean peace. "hoa binh".
- Hoa is a sav. for playing with a messed up shoulder!
by DarkDX August 07, 2004
1. Short for Home Owners Association.
2. Lawn Nazis
3. The masters of bitching, whining and complaining world wide.
4. What happens to dorks when they grow up
5. People who charge you money so they can tell you what to do with your property so you can please everyone else exept you.
6. mentally challenged
7. Where people go when they are too lazy to do anything productive
8. Above the law
I just got the Highlands Ranch H.O.A. bill and it's 110.00 and they want me to paint my house a new color
by KungFu April 04, 2005
Home Owners Association

they are douches. people who feel the need to have control and power, yet are too much of a pussy to run for office. so they choose this job, start their own cult of followers and low self esteem housewives, make insidious rules about shutter colors and pool pass application time requirements. they are the worst of the worst.
Boy Hitler was kind of a dick.
Yeah, I bet he was President of his HOA too.

Man, Castro was pretty controlling....
Yeha, I heard he runs the HOA also.
by reallydiesel May 26, 2011
a beautiful princess (usually a viet girl but can also be a chinese girl sometimes)
Hoa Luu
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
normally found in small towns, big houses, nice cars and very rich parents.
'dude, that girl is such a HOA'
by wrfwjefhfghg April 28, 2008
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