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Heavy Mad Wi' It

Acronym used (Typically in Glasgow) to describe the level of intoxication attained either by one or an observed person. Usually used by the Lower classes but is gaining popularity in certain circles of wealthy Gentlemen
Gentleman No1 "I say Archie I heard you ran into a spot of trouble with the local constabulary last night, is this true?"

Gentleman No2 "Well I was out with some of the lads of the Rugby club, we frequented some bars and enjoyed a brandy or is ones want and ended up HMWI and killed a lady of the night"

Gentlemen No1 "I say you certainly ruffled some feathers, what was the charge"

Gentle man No2 "No charge, I merely explained that my family were very wealthy. We had a brief chuckle over the incident and that was it all in all a good night"
by Mr Stuzo July 22, 2008
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