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hit my line
Im about to go on vacation wit my family, ugh ima be bored! hml!
by bbkat93 August 06, 2010
Commonly known as "Hit my Line" but misinterpreted as "Hate my Life" it could possibly mean both.

The retarded way to say "text me"
Gertrude we should hang sometime hml
by stxfanix May 24, 2015
when you wake up in the morning and you hate your life... that is H.M.L.S. Or hate my life syndrome as it is also known.

it is also possible for certain individuals to contract this horrible condition during the middle of the day.

Take Durdey for example, constant H.M.L.S. =]
*wakes up in the morning* "argh! H.M.L.S!"


"hate my life!"
by Mr Wizanski March 13, 2008
Stands for Hate My use it when you're extremely stressed out, usually from school...sometimes u can say IFHML (I fuckin hate my life)
So much homework to do, god HML!
by MikeFrag November 17, 2006
HML: Hate my life. Just like "fml" but hating instead.
I just failed the test! HML!
She broke up with me! HML!
by EvieLove(: March 17, 2011
Abbreviation for "Has Me Like"
That booty hml *insert expression here*
by DutchBlitZz June 23, 2016
Internet slang for hurt(/ing) myself laughing to express pain in finding something funny, either from being sore in the stomach muscles from laughing so much, from finding it hard to breathe from laughing too hard, or from falling off your chair while laughing. Can be used in instant messaging with people who are allergic to the phrase lol. Alternate versions: hyl (hurt(/ing) yourself laughing), hhl (hurt(/ing) him/herself laughing).
person a: and she says "what's a blow job?"
person b: ow!
person a: hyl?
person b: no, just electrocuted myself.
person a: hml

Person 1: he literally hhl
Person 2: seriously?
Person 1: yeah, he didn't see the stairs he was laughing that hard
Person 2: hml!!!!!
by so hot it bernz June 17, 2006
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