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Please note: To use the work correctly you must pronounce each letter separately.

The acronym for "Hand Job Over The Pants". An HJOTP is very useful in situations where risk of getting caught are higher then usual. If someone is coming around the corner, one has to simply pull their hand away from the others swollen private part and act as though nothing strange had been going on.

Popular HJOTP locations are: Theaters, funerals, grandma's house and day cares.
Ben: "Yesterday I was giving Bobby an HJOTP because his mom was in the other room."

Darryl: "No way! Did you get busted?"

Ben: "Naw man, luckily I was giving him an HJOTP and pulled away at the last second. Bobby's mom had no idea. I know Bobby sure loved it though."

Darryl: "I'm jealous ..."
by Maffou March 13, 2008
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You are at a concert-drunk-dancing with a sexy guy..and you just happen to reach back and give him an AMAZING hand job over the top of the pants (hjotp)... and then you slam your beer and leave.
by NATEive October 29, 2010
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