HIMEOBS (His Imperial Majesty's Elite Orbital Bomber Squadron) is a special operations force, employed in unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare, foreign internal defense, direct action, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and special reconnaissance operations. Those qualified to become operatives are authorised, after completing a specialised program known as OBQT (Orbital Bomber Qualification Training), to wear and display the Elite Orbital Bomber Badge. This badge serves as the insignia for the group as a whole.
HIMEOBS does not perpetuate any conventional unit and it is believed the unit is not organised along conventional lines.
by HIMEOBS August 31, 2007
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HIMEOBS (n) - His Imperial Majesty's Elite Orbital Bomber Squadron
Rumor has it that HIMEOBS is planning an orbital strike soon, but nobody knows where it will occur.
by "Bob" August 11, 2006
HIMEOBS (His Imperial Majesty's Elite Orbital Bomber Squadron) is a worldwide intelligence agency charged with obtaining and analysing information about foreign governments, corporations, and persons for classified purposes. Additionally, the agency sometimes engages in propaganda and public relations efforts. It also serves as a paramilitary force via covert operations at the direction of a Commander-in-Chief and under oversight by an independent Board of Advisors. This last role has caused a lot of controversy, raising questions about the legality, morality, effectiveness, and wisdom of such operations.
HIMEOBS is sometimes referred to euphemistically in government and military parlance as The Squadron, particularly when its operations in a particular area are an open secret.
by HIMEOBS August 31, 2007
The term HIMEOBS (His Imperial Majesty's Elite Orbital Bomber Squadron), in popular culture, is used in conspiracy theories to describe men dressed in black suits, sometimes with glowing eyes or other monstrous features, claiming to be government agents who attempt to harass or threaten civilians into silence. HIMEOBS operatives always seem to have detailed information on the persons they contact, as if the individual had been under surveillance for a prolonged amount of time.
Individuals who may be considered a risk to national security based on loose conversation or publishing information after being 'read-in' to or 'read-out' of a special access program are sometimes visited by HIMEOBS operatives.
by HIMEOBS August 31, 2007
HIMEOBS (full name His Imperial Majesty's Elite Orbital Bomber Squadron) is an independent, campaigning institution which uses direct action and creative communication against Internet forums, message boards, and any other kind of social networking websites. Although the very nature of said organisation has been proven to be controversial over the last years, since its formation HIMEOBS has accomplished extraordinary goals with an absolute sense of unity and focus.
HIMEOBS is one of the most famous Internet communities in the world, with over 500 members in more than 20 different countries.
by HIMEOBS August 19, 2007
HIMEOBS (an acronym for His Imperial Majesty's Elite Orbital Bomber Squadron) is a well-known international group of hackers and Internet trolls who regularly associate together, share ideas and resources, and act in a concerted manner. According to their website, HIMEOBS has existed since 1992, with the intention of changing the philosophical attitudes of Western culture towards Internet forums and message boards. The majority of its members are from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Their motto is "You Cannot Jump High Enough, You Cannot Dig Deep Enough", although "Liberty Through Oppression, Peace Through Terror" is sometimes used.
"You Cannot Jump High Enough, You Cannot Dig Deep Enough." - HIMEOBS
by HIMEOBS August 17, 2007
A private multinational security corporation that conducts operations in many different parts of the world as well as online. They seem to rely mostly on word-of-mouth to bring in new clients and do very little advertising. Reports indicate that HIMEOBS occasionally participates in joint operations with other security firms.

In 2006 a group of pranksters began using the HIMEOBS name as the identity for their prank group. HIMEOBS has done nothing to stop this because, according to senior operations supervisor Lt. Vladimir Lail, HIMEOBS prefers that the general population remain misinformed as to what HIMEOBS actually is.
HIMEOBS shut down the botnet being used to deny service to the communication server.
by Pvt. Gein, BAF December 18, 2009
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