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Hima is the sanskrit word for snow. Himalayas is the abode of Lord Shiva hence Hima means very pious. Some morons and perverts who are sex addicts themselves have given a wrong meaning to the word.
by swassti February 05, 2010
a really tall guy, funny at most moments. has an afro. very perverted, and love girls in skinny jeans.
addicted to porn, and spams people way to much. usually has a career as a porn star.
guy: what you do on the weekend?
other guy: i pulled a hima
by lemon782 June 11, 2009
"Hima" is a Filipino word for girl's white-mens. It is something that you see when a girl is about to have a menstruation. Whiteblood that is.
"Ang baho naman ng hima mo, sinasabit mo pa kung saan saan ang panty mo.!!!"

" Hey your white-mens stinks!!! You even managed to hang your panty around "
by mahlong August 10, 2006

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