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Hermantown Given Prodigy: meaning to be from Hermantown and being simply awesome at everything, no one can compare in anyway to a HGP
HGP owned the rinks/courts/world
why are you so awesome? we're not awesome we're HGP

10-0 a clear demonstration of HGP
by simply awesome April 28, 2011
Human Genome Project. Finished in 2003. Its goals were to map out the human genome.
The teacher asked us to google HGP for homework over the April Vacation.
by Deoxyribonucleic Acid May 13, 2008
Hot Girl Potential

The potential of there being hot girls at a particular location.
The HGP situation at the club was terrible so we got the fuck out of there.
by butters' bottom bitch December 20, 2010

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