Horse Face Syndrome

When a male or female has a face that is too long and box-like, making her look like a horse.
Girl: Hey, do you wanna come to this party tonight.

Guy: Depends, is your friend gonna be there?

Girl: Yeah....

Guy: No. She has HFS, and I am NOT a jockey.
by VHargrave April 27, 2010
Ho Fo Sho otherwise known as a Whore. also maybe a slut or skank.
Conversation between Tom and Jerry
Tom: "Yo Jerry u see that HFS over there?"
Jerry: "Yea dude that chick is such a ho fo sho!"
by Garrett Martin February 06, 2008
How Fucking Stupid! Doing something that is completely idiotic and without thought about the consequences.
A legislator wants to make it illegal for parents to spank their children. HFS!
by GrayB. January 18, 2007
HFS is an abrevation for How Fucking Sweet and has been to my knowledge first devised by some Slovene dude.

It is used mostly when people who don't want to type a lot are trying to say something is sweet
Mary: Hey, I just got a kitten
Joe: hfs
by Swizec January 11, 2006
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