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HFE: an acronym for "head of fucking everything". The title that someone has when he/she is CEO, CTO, Lead Designer and Founder of a startup.
- Is he the CEO?
- Yes, and she also is the CTO, Lead Designer and Founder of that startup.

- Oh, he is a HFE!
by nksp April 03, 2017
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HFE Radio is an online downloadable PodCast by a huge Unsigned Metal Band Fan who happens to have his fingers in an awful lot of pies. HFE is Horny For Evil. Forcedexistence HFE Thrash Metal Rock Unsigned Bands
If you know anyone who is in an unsigned Metal band then have them look up HFE Radio and get them to send in an Mp3 of their Music and sit back and listen to the next show.
by FxArmy April 26, 2011
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