Hockey forum moderated by virgins with chips on their shoulders who were bullied in high school. Infested with a plague of smug pieces of dogshit called Nuck fans.
hfboards poster: "I have an opinion that doesn't reflect the opinion of the majority"
Mr. Canucklehead: "OMFG BANED!"
by I always come back, bitches. December 07, 2010
Top Definition
A place where you get banned for having an opinion.
Poster: Joe Thornton chokes in the playoffs.

Moderator: You have been banned from HFBoards for trolling Joe Thornton.
by Leaf Lander April 15, 2010
Hockey discussion forum run by nazi mods, douchy admins and fueled by a numberless flock of stupid posters, the posts by themselves got some entertainment value due to their stupidness.
Irish douche (admin at hfboards): I have the absolute answers, and you don't worth enough to contest it!

Intelligent poster : Get of you high horses

Irish douche (admin at hfboards): OMGROFLMAO BANNED
by remember the popes April 26, 2009
the place where idiot mods and uneducated admins have given a douche named ekfucker some legitimacy. This is a place where there is no free speech and if you saying something that certain mods do not like, you get banned and insulted
hfboards and the logic of free speach

Poster 1 "Luongo is overrated and the the Canucks will only get a 2nd and a prospect for him

Poster 2(canuck fan) "You are an idiot. (Luongo) will get 2 first, three top prospects and several other players you should just die for disagreeing with us"

Poster 1 "Dude, give your head a shake

Vancouver mod "Posters 1 banned for being a fucking idiot and poster 2 made a mod to keep idiots like that in line
by gloria maddar October 29, 2012
An awful hockey forum where at least half of the users are full blown retards that can't even use the sarcasm smilie correctly. The moderators are like autistic hall monitors who live vicariously through the character in their avatar.
If you have a functioning brain and know anything about hockey, stay away from HFBoards.
by free321 November 01, 2013
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