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Abbreviation of 'Hijo de Puta'
Very using in instant messaging.

sujeto1:Me pasas el trabajo
Sujeto1:Que HDP eres
by Daries December 07, 2007
Herbs de Provence
A mix of herbs including lavender used in French cooking.
These slices of baguette are topped with a delicious mix of goat cheese and HDP. They're off the hook, mon frere!
by pajamajam April 08, 2010
High Definition Porn. 'Nuff sed.
Person 1: Hey, do you want to come around and watch a movie. I've just bought a new Full HD 50' screen and wanted to break it in with some HDP.
Person 2: Yeah sure, that would be awesome!
by SeriouslyLonely June 28, 2013
HOT DOG PERFORMANCE; When an extremely drunk person quickly consumes a hotdog, then kisses someone, and projectile vomits the hotdog into their mouth. This act is usually intentional.

"eewww dude, she HDP'd me!!"
by Toni Stevens November 05, 2007

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