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(noun) A bro from the high desert.

Wardrobe: Fiftynine-Fifty hat (sometimes, the bill is curled back), SPY sunglasses in black/ white, piercings & tattoos, metal mulisha or any sort of shirt or jersey from no fear (some prefer topless too), dickie's pants sagged, big belt buckle, tall black socks, & DVS shoes.

Hobbies: riding dirtbikes, smoking weed, having sexual intercourse with hot-ass brohoes, driving their lifted trucks, stealing from the mall, kicking ass, Glamis & Havasu, skating/bmx, starting the mosh pit at concerts, "chilling", having kick-backs, being loud & obnoxious, fucking shiit up

Music: kottonmouth kings, king spade, big b, icp, cypress hill, ect.

Diet: Budweiser! In-n-out, rockstar, monster, stoner burritos, whatever is handed to them

Most HD bros are white trash that go into the construction industry. They have a low tolerance for gays & ghetto people.
They "rep" the area code. (760 for most)
Guy 1: "what's wrong with that guy over there?! He keeps making dirtbike noises and slurring out cuss words!"

Guy 2: " That's my homie. He drank too much Bud Light. We need to drive him back to Hesperia ."

Guy 1: "fuckin HD bros have all the fun."

HD bro: "DGAF! DGAF motherfucker! 760 bizznatch! Get that chick over here! I'm going to eat her out ferrealll!"
by GAB-BREE July 14, 2009
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