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HCM - Standing for: Hair Chest Movement

hair·y   chest·ed   move·ment
hair-ee ches-tid moov-muhnt


An non affiliated civil rights organization that promotes the equality and well being of hairy chested individuals, both male & female. Some would say the the HCM is more in depth and welcoming than an other movements in recent history. What makes the HCM a so influential is that they will extend their beliefs to non hairy chested individuals, again, both male & female. This ensures and truly demonstrates tranquility and tolerance of all.

In recent history, verbal slurs that have offended HCM followers have been:

"First is the worst"
"Second is the best"

- to verbal slurs like these, followers of HCM would respectfully, but sternly respond with the following of: "But what if the first or second place persons had hair chest themselves"
Johnny: You must be from the Eastern Balkens, your chest is like a jungle.

Rawhi: Yes, I also happen to be a proud member of the HCM.
by SummerSessions@DSP March 23, 2011
Hardcore Mutts: Brazilian bestiality magazine which specializes in dog porn. Rare in western countries, magazines considered novelty items by those in the bestiality scene.
"Yo, Harrington! What are you reading there?"
"Hi, Bob. New issue of HCM that I got today in my mail. Look at those puppies!"
"Mike, you're one sick slob."
by Johnny3947 August 29, 2008
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