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HCLB stands for Hardcore Ladyboy. The definition of a HCLB's clothing is:
o A VERY tight pair of jeans, think Olivia Newton-John In Grease
o VERY big hair, usually spiked up with flat bits at the front, but can be anything big, usually black or blonde, or both.
o A VERY tight top, a t-shirt or checked shirt for example.
o A pack of "Malboro"'s stuffed in their teeny tiny back pocket.
o Shoes are either Converse All Stars, Undergrounds or some other fairly thin lightweight shoes.

The reason for the Ladyboy portion of their name is the clothing they wear is usually considered un-manly due to it's excessively tight nature.

As an afterthought, i take NO credit for this term, "Liv" coined it!

I love HCLB's.
ME: Oh, look, there goes a group of HCLB's.
HCLB1: So we are, do you like my new jeans, i was sewn into them this morning!
HCLB2: I sewed him in!
ME: Niiiice, how do you get such volume into your hair??
by AU_ryn May 04, 2005
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