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Short for "Hard Core Bitch"

Used by girls to describe the awesomeness of their female friends.
Girl 1: Hey do you know (name)?
Girl 2: Of course I do, she's my HCB!
by Kathleen Collins September 25, 2007
Short for Human Chode Boy.
A male child who is fatter than he is tall. Can also be called a stump.
Boy 1: Hhahaha look at HCB wobble around.
Boy 2: I bet he has a chode
by BloodSugar September 07, 2010
The acronym for a Hot Cross Bun.
Hrmmm that is one deliciously crusty HCB.
by TastyHCBs January 29, 2009
hot cool beans!!!! kinda like cool beans but better
that party was hot cool beans!
by Meggies October 13, 2004

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