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Hoes, Bitches, Tricks, Sluts, Cunts, and Whores. What twat waffles say to, for, and about women.
Ok, guys lets get the "thang" table strait.
It's all about karma!


We know you know your not fucken it/her/him
hating it because of every ones own choices.

thats why they blast the words.

feeling, Feening for the loven

want it, wet dream it and arn't getting IT off.

so out comes the lines, rhyms, and slick little sticks with the pain in thier dicks!

I'm a member of the HBTSCW club


Penny: Those jerks called me a HSTSCW...I like it,

Why don't you(you now who you are) pay more attention to that beautiful women you have right thier in your house.
Than some broad you slammed back in the day.
Looks like she loves you very much to me man.
by JustSomeC.U.N.T.that<3'sU November 19, 2009

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