An initialism usually meaning: Head Bitch In Charge.
Growing up my sister used to bash my head against the kitchen floor if I didn't listen to her. She acted like she was the HBIC.
by Kurtha11 August 28, 2010
An acronym for "head bitch in charge". Or if you wanna play nice it's "head beauty in charge".
I'm the H.B.I.C. in this area muthafucka!! You best do what I say *snapsnap* >:O
by head bitch in chaaarge September 02, 2008
It is an acronym for Hot Beef Injecting Capitalist.
Occupy Wall Street is protesting all those Fat HBICs around Zuccotti Park.

Hey hey. Ho ho. These hot beef injecting capitalists have got to go!
by Mic check February 29, 2012
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