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Holla at Ya Boy
Man girl you look good, HAYB.

Hey Im in class I gotta run HAYB.

(Really excited or drunk) HAYB!!!!!

I beat that shit raw all night long son. HAYB.
by wilburthewild June 01, 2009
invented by the great po pizzle. stands for Holla At Your Boy. Also check h.a.y.g. holla at your girl
girl: im out
guy: iight shawty hayb
by ihgshbrdoufgeiuygfuayvcd July 02, 2005
In a sense, it is purely an acronym for a future communication. Holler At Ya Boy!
-"So, we should do this again"
-"I think so too"
-"Well just H.A.Y.B."
-"You know I will!"
by Mateo R January 14, 2008

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