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Holla at Ya Boy
Man girl you look good, HAYB.

Hey Im in class I gotta run HAYB.

(Really excited or drunk) HAYB!!!!!

I beat that shit raw all night long son. HAYB.
by wilburthewild June 01, 2009
8 2
invented by the great po pizzle. stands for Holla At Your Boy. Also check h.a.y.g. holla at your girl
girl: im out
guy: iight shawty hayb
by ihgshbrdoufgeiuygfuayvcd July 02, 2005
7 6
In a sense, it is purely an acronym for a future communication. Holler At Ya Boy!
-"So, we should do this again"
-"I think so too"
-"Well just H.A.Y.B."
-"You know I will!"
by Mateo R January 14, 2008
1 3