hungarian filling word, used in the same way as "hmmm" in english, "er" in french and other funny languages, or "ääh" in german.
is often stressed by stretching any letter of the word beyond reasonable limits. (e.g. "hhhhhatt", "hattttt", "haaaaatt")
because of this, people often use it in languages other than hungarian to indicate "decision-making in process" and increase the expectations for an awesome answer.
a: "dude, what you doing tonight?"
b: "gotta study for upcoming exams."
a: "shouldn't we just drink ridiculous amounts of beer instead?"
b: "hatt"
a: "haaaatt....what?"
b: "haaaaaaaaaaaatt ok."
a: "sweet."
#ahm #well #er #hmmm #wait for it
by broiler666 March 31, 2009
Top Definition
Acronym for "Husband At The Time," as when telling a story from the past.
"Six years ago, I was driving down the street with Fred, my HATT, when from out of nowhere we got hit by another car!"
#ex #ex-spouse #the ex #bastard #good riddance
by Billy Frank January 08, 2010
Acronym: High All The Time
oh man jimmy is such a stoner he is H.A.T.T.
#high #weed #marijuana #hatt #hat #all #the #time #stoner #bud
by Bud T. Oker May 17, 2007
A total jerk who likes to scheme, lie, deceive, and screw people over in order to steal what they have spent months or more working on.
Screw that Hatt, he just stole my entire project!
#douchebag #asshole #theif #jerk #selfish
by JusticeIsServedCold January 07, 2012
Slang for "hot". Sexy, attractive, totally doable.
- A code used to call someone sexy without everybody knowing.
- Pronounced like "Hat".
Jake: "Dang, that girl is hatt."

Stu: "So hatt."

Jake: "Straight hattness."
#hat #hot #sexy #doable #fugly
by El Christo August 14, 2009
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