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Interjection used usually sarcastically to show disdain and lack of sympathy for a story, or merely as an ironic and random thing to place at the end of a tragic story. May sometimes see legitimate use placed at the end of a happy story, but that is usually a sarcastic imitation of an overenthusiastic person.

Also sees use as an utterly random interjection often with little relevance to anything pertaining to the topic.

Derived from the "Good Ending" of Bubble Bobble where it would cheerfully display HAPPY END in giant letters.

Features in the Retarted Cartoon Video when the Earth would explode.
cooljj: and then it turned out it was an infection and my dog dies
hrrble: HAPPY END
cooljj: your an asshat
And then the princess lived with the knight forever after and they had a thousand kids and they were all wonderfully smart and well behaved.
*internet shock thread showing a series of images of a cat being killed*
hrrbl posted : HAPPY END!
by Vee Are Are Schee June 02, 2006
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