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Hokey Ass Message Board. A place were true hot rodders can share and learn about true traditional hot rods and customs Not a place were unsafe or rat rods are welcome not a place were you think your cooler then the next guy because your pomp is 1/4'' bigger not a place were a flat black 84 olds with white walls is cool.
I used to read old skool rodz until I found the HAMB now I can build a real car as opposed to a clown car.
by Elwood Blues July 10, 2008
Stands for "Hokey Ass Message Board" Which is committed to spreading the gospel of traditional hot rods world wide. Member shun billet, smoothies, and bad imitations, such as "Ol Skool Rodz" Flat black with red wheels is usually frowned upon.
Hey man, did you see that thread about the Lonestar Roundup on the H.A.M.B.? Yep, Denise did a sweet job with the write-up.
by 38chev July 10, 2008
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