The chemical name of sulphuric acid. Drinking can cause 3rd degree burns to the throat and other internal organs.
Johnny was a chemist's son,
But Johnny is not more
What Johnny thought was H2O
Was H2SO4
by pk_peachykeen December 13, 2006
Top Definition
The chemical formula for sulfuric acid.
Little Timmy took a drink,
But he will drink no more,
For what he thought was H2O,
Was H2SO4.
by Thumbs it up plz July 07, 2006
sulfuric acid
once there was a willie
willie is no more
for what he thought was h2o
was h2so4
by CWBlack May 15, 2014
Sulfuric Acid, used in American auto batteries.
Little Billie used to drink, but he doesn't drink no more, for what he thought was H2O was H2SO4 .
by Brian Conn January 02, 2007

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