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An organic compound created by the one and only H. Mantooth. The chemical make up of this compound is still a mystery which UAC scientists have been trying to crack for years. It is known however, that it is a main ingredient in Paste, a major product from the a collaboration between the UAC, the Umbrella Corporation and WhiteCorp.

There are many uses of H-Juice from simple condiments to super concentrated solutions used as ammunition for the British H-Cannon.
“The H-Cannon is leaking H-Juice” “You have H-Juice all over your face”
“I love wings with H-Juice!” “Do you know how long it takes to build up 3000L or H-Juice?”
by H. Mantooth November 29, 2004
a liquad often consumed by "H"-es

sometimes it is consumed by non-"H"-es

often it is consumed by me

any liquad that takes consumer to a state of H

see definition of H
H pass me that bottle of H-juice i need to get H-ed
by aytch minor April 08, 2005

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