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Is a walking douche-bag that has every sexual transmitted diseases known to man. Likes to their cut hair in a blowout fashion and belong to fraternity. "H-Dots" also believe that everyone is there friends. However, deep down everyone hates them and would not attend their funeral if they die.
I can't believe that this H-Dot is talking to me again. He keeps talking to me thinking that we are friends. He had sex with my sister and gave her an STD. I feel like he's friends with me to only talk shit. This kid is a total DICK.
by danemous February 02, 2011
A stinky cunt
"Man that girl you got with at that party was ugly!"

"Yeah man, she had a propper Hdot aswell!"
by Whoareyouwhowhowhowho April 26, 2010

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