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The word "Høge" is made by Larsen, also known as Lab.

- The word "Høge" is a Norwegian word, made within 2000 - 2010.
- The definition of the word "Høge" is:
"Lets say you like Ice cream right?, so you just took a bite of the most delicious ice cream ever tasted. if the "ice cream" tasted nice, you will say "Høge". so when something, someone somehow feels good/nice you will say: "Høge, this ice cream tasted so good".
by lab51 June 02, 2010
23 9
A band member who uses humor to manipulate women more attractive than they are into sexual favors that usually go unreturned.
"Dude I totally pulled a hoge and got that hot 19 year old to blow me twice and still got to go out to the party!"
by Spaggy October 17, 2007
12 1
The skin that hangs out of a blow out asshole
I fucked that girl so hard in her ass it made her Hoge hang out
by KittyKat1986 May 14, 2009
4 1
He who greets with fire. A warrior of great power, almost god like to mere mortals.
Thom is hoge-like in everyway. ;)
by thoge July 08, 2009
3 2
The skin that hangs out of a butt
Did you see the amount of Hoge hanging out of that girl?!
by KittyKat1986 May 14, 2009
2 2