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A Sweedish clothing retailer which operates internationally. Established in 1947, H&M sells "cheap chic" or reasonably stylish clothing at low prices.
H&M: "Fashion and quality at the best price"
by Clothing Critique July 28, 2006
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Thats a nice european clothing shop
cheap and good
theres one in chicago.
in new york, too.
by mazl November 25, 2005
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It's an european clothing retailer with shops placed all around the world. They sell cheap and nice clothes, hence the popularity among teenage females. It originated in Sweden.
Did you know that H&M is more correctly pronounced: "Hennes och Mauritz"? That's 'cause "och" means "and" in the swedish language. A common mistake is that people say "und" instead, which isn't right as it's a german word, not swedish.
Many non-european people don't have a clue how to pronounce it that way, so just feel free to say "Hennes AND Mauritz", or just "H&M" so you don't end up making yourself look stupid.
by H&M August 06, 2007
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Think IKEA but for clothes, cheap, good quality, and Swedish.
Too bad you can't get meatballs at H&M.
by Xioms March 02, 2015
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Insanely cheap fashion store originating in Sweden, they now have stores all over the world. Wicked line in retro y-fronts in ker-azy designs (guilty of peddling those superman briefs worn at some time by every man you've ever met, and most of the men you haven't). Famously dropped Kate Moss from a £4 million deal after pictures of her snorting blow were published in the British tabloids. She's now designing her own fashion line for Topshop... natch.
"I found five quid down the back of the sofa! Let's go to H&M and redo our entire winter wardrobe"
by Meaner With The Scenery January 13, 2007
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Hennes und Mauritz. A Swedish brand now operating in countries worldwide. There are at least a dozen in NYC itself. Trendy clothes at very reasonable prices. Especially good are the women's clothes (it used to sell only those; Hennes means 'women' in Swedish). Overall, great store if you want fashion at a bargain.
There's an H&M on every corner in NYC, but I don't mind; the clothes are cute.
by Eugenee August 30, 2006
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H&M (Hennes och Mauritz - hennes meaning 'hers' in Swedish and Mauritz meaning.. Uhm.. It's not a Swedish word, but one can assume it means more or less 'man' or 'his')is a Swedish clothing company. Trendy clothers at affordable prices is the company's business idea. This is more or less true - they are very trendy, but not always cheap. You pretty much get what you pay for - the quality can vary a great deal.
I love your dress; where did you get it?
At H&M. It only cost me 15 bucks.
by Raquelle Arendt October 23, 2007
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