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In 2004 a person appeared on the interweb calling himself Kal of The Troggs. He stated that he was from the future and by means of the Gylax Node Implosion he was thrust backwards into time to the year 1985 where he hibernated in his stasis cocoon until 1999 the year that we all partied as Prince instructed. He also stated that the Gylax Node was a giant generator device that supplied electricity to the area in which he came from. In November of 2004 the person calling himself Kal of The Troggs said "The Gylax Node has been repaired and i must return to the floating continent" Nobody has heard from him since. Sceptics say that this may have been an extravogant hoax or prank. The only thing that was left from this was a picture of a half frog half man type creature. The Gylax Node Implosion was supposedly caused when a creature known only as Thramdon fell into it causing a massive implosion that distorted the laws of space and time as we know it.
"I have come many nurads to your time by means of the Gylax Node Implosion"
by Red and Brown Grass Rat December 08, 2004
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