Hack actress. Clings to celebrity boyfriends & discards when they have nothing to promote. See also starfucker
Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Luke Wilson, that wimp from Colplay, etc...
by . . . July 16, 2003
Top Definition
Most overrated actress ever who desperately wants to be half the man her father was, but only recieves awards out of pity. Won the Academy Award for Shakespeare in Love and then proceded to pretend she was British for a good bit of time, then made a whole bunch of crappy movies. "Fashion Icon" who often looks emaciated and was stupid enough to name her daugher Apple.
The lead in the play was such a Gwenyth Paltrow, all style and no substance.
by xxgeorgia November 09, 2004
a fantabulous young actress, who's films continue to show her growth. also*, a woman who's fashion is often copied and imitated for seasons.
Q :who's that pretty blond actress in "Sylvia" ??
A : Gwenyth Paltrow
by amykimm May 02, 2005
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