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A gwenabee is someone who idolizes Gwen Stefani, and trys to be like her.
I am such a Gwenabee! Look at my outfit...and my platnium blonde hair and red lipstick.
by freckledgwenabee July 02, 2006
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A person whom idolizes Gwen Stefani by copying her hairstyles, catch phrases, and clothing.
'Becca is such a gwenabee ever since she got that L.A.M.B. hoodie.
by Emmi-chan June 17, 2005
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a female no doubt fan who copies all of gwen stefani's hair,makeup and clothes
the concert was just a sea of blond gwenabees
by lindsey August 31, 2003
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wanabees, people who want to be, and Gwen Stefani, combined to make Gwenabees
"Ellie is a big no doubt fan but she isn't a Gwenabee"
by Sian February 23, 2005
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wanabees, people who want to be and gwen stefani, combined to make gwenabees
"ellie is a big no doubt fan but she isn't a gwenabee"
by Sian Beavers February 23, 2005
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